on the ocean of god's love

About two months ago I moved near to the sea, which means I have the great privilege of walking to see it every day.

One of the striking things when you spend regular time by the ocean is the extraordinary variety of its moods. At times, the movement which we theoretically know is unceasing is barely visible, just the gentlest of hands caressing the shore. At other times, there is an almost frightening quality about it, waves unpredictable and ferocious, throwing everything in their path into disarray, rearranging everything in their path. Sometimes there is something between the two, a movement of waves which seems cleansing in its effect, taking away unwelcome debris and spiriting it away into its depths.

The love of God, it seems to me, is like that, and always responsive to what God knows we lack – even though we may not be aware of it. At times we want to be gently held, to be gifted his peace when anxiety or simple busyness threatens to overwhelm. On other occasions we need to be challenged, to have our sense of injustice reignited, to make changes whether personal or community. Always, we need cleansing from the constant ability to drift from God’s best for us.

Whatever you need today, let God’s love grant you what is in his heart for you. As an adored child, that is always for your good.

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