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Finding Our Voice

If someone had said to me eighteen months ago I was going to have a book published, I would have laughed! Actually I did, when a couple of people said exactly that. You will need to read the book for the story of how it happened, but it has come as quite a surprise, though I have always loved words, both to read and write. Oddly, an English teacher once offered me a year off homework to write a book. I was just thirteen and told him I didn’t think I had a book in me. I was too naïve, or honest, to realise I could have had the year off anyway and then not produced it! So words have always been important to me, though I never expected to do anything with them apart from the occasional blog or poem.


“Finding Our Voice” has emerged from my passion for hearing people’s stories, together with a fascination about some of the stories in the bible where people are not named, which somehow allows us to identify with them in a different way. It is the story of eleven of these unnamed men and women, told imaginatively but I trust in a way true to the original, together with the story as recorded and a little background. Each chapter has a theme, and concludes with a true, current story on the same theme, also told anonymously so that we can identify with them too. The topics are very current, as I believe the bible is, and I have been immensely moved by those brave enough to tell them – to give you a flavour they include stories about refugees, forgiveness, surviving abuse, and finding hope after loss.  Hopefully that intrigues you enough to want to read it – I will keep you posted on the publication date, sometime in 2019. 


Maybe you have something you think can never happen? Never stop dreaming. What are the stories that have impacted you? And what is your story? I would love to hear that too, so do get in touch if you would like to.


I am now working on a second book, Held in your bottle! It is an exploration of tears in the Bible and in our lives. I would love to hear your stories! Watch this space, or follow the Facebook Page Finding our Voice and Held in Your Bottle